Our Warranty

All pre-cast products produced by Precision Precast Group are covered by a limited one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. All materials, molds, and production methods are first quality, however, due to the natural materials used in our products, Precision Precast Group reserves the right to review all warranty claims on an individual basis. Please inspect your order at the time of arrival to make sure the product is satisfactory and notify Precision Precast Group immediately if you have any concerns.

Smooth Finish
Per the Precast Concrete Institute’s Manual for Quality Control: Architectural Precast Concrete (MNL117): “A smooth off-the-form finish may be one of the most economical, but is perhaps the most difficult to produce, as the color uniformity of gray, buff or pigmented surfaces is extremely hard to achieve.”

We feel that the color and texture inconsistency for trim pieces with a smooth finish is acceptable (as it would be expected in a quarried stone product). We do not feel it is acceptable for a smooth shaft column, unless additional surface finishing is planned.

Precision Precast Group assumes no responsibility for the color and texture consistency of products ordered in our “smooth” finish.

As a material manufacturer, Precision Precast Group assumes no responsibility for the installation of our products.